[March 11, 2022]

To the NTL Community from the Director

I am writing to let folks know that I will be retiring from my position as Library Director and heading into retirement on April 30th.

I have worked at the NTL for 26 years. I started in Childrens, moved to Cataloging and Technical Services, then to Assistant Director. The Library Trustees hired me as Director 6 years ago. I’ve greatly enjoyed working in the town in which I live. I’m a resident of Plum Island but I think I know more Byfielders than I do Plum Islanders!

What I will miss:

  • Our amazing staff – I could take this entire space to explain why – but most of you already know what makes them special
  • Our loyal Friends of the Library who are more than just Friends-they feel more like family
  • Library patrons who wave as they head to the Friends Bookstore
  • The Library Trustees who have been so very supportive and who work tirelessly for the benefit of the library and the town

What I will not miss:

  • A pandemic that forced us to limit our availability to our patrons, which goes against every instinct a librarian has

People always say, “It must be so wonderful to work in a place where you are surrounded by books” and they are right. Though being a librarian has changed tremendously in the years since I started at the NTL (we still had a card catalog and there were no computers!), I still always tell people it’s kind of like working in a candy store – only with books, which are much better for you.

Now I may actually have time to read a few!

Jean Ackerly