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Our Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional items available to patrons to check out. The collection supports lifelong learning and creativity by providing the physical tools necessary to explore new areas of interest and learn new skills. The Newbury Town Library has always been a place where you can come to learn anything you are curious about – now we are offering you the tools to satisfy and encourage that curiosity. Early additions to the collection include: a volleyball set, decorative cake pans, a crochet kit, a children’s Dot robotics kit, a SAD daylight lamp, paper quilling kits, an electricity monitor, and wifi hotspots. Checkout this growing collection at

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Here at the Newbury Town Library, we have multiple sources to learn about and utilize online reading materials, from fictional stories to newspaper articles to scholarly research, all by using your library card. Check out the listings below and dig in!

*BPL eCard: Access more eResources through the Boston Public Library with a BPL eCard – available to all Massachusetts residents online!


What should you read this year? Let us help you choose! We understand the need to always have a good book in hand (as well as a backup book or two!). Check out the following places to find new and interesting titles to read, and never be without a good book!



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On CD – We offer many language learning courses on cd at the Newbury Library and throughout the MVLC. Click here to browse our inhouse collection.