Legacy Family Tree Webinar Series: Using DNA To Identify Irish Ancestral Locations

Legacy Family Tree Webinars are a series of live webinars related to genealogy and family history, and are shown in-person at the library.

For many of us who have Irish ancestry, the major question is ‘but where in Ireland?’ Like millions of other descendants of Irish emigrants, Michelle Leonard has Irish ancestors who left Ireland in the 1840s-60s and on nearly all documents she can find for them their birthplaces were given simply as ‘Ireland’. In many cases traditional research is not able to narrow down exactly where in Ireland our ancestors lived and trying to trace them across the seas is often a ‘needle in a haystack’ endeavour. In this personal case study, Michelle will outline how she managed to identify exact locations in Ireland for her Irish lines using the power of DNA testing and will provide strategies and top tips that could help you do the same.

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