The Poop Museum Part 2!

Back by Popular Demand, Poop Museum Part 2!

If you missed Part 1, Susie Maguire is back for lots more facts about how humans make valuable use of poop (it goes way beyond poop honey and paper made from poop! For example … there are Poop powered buses, cars and houses! And there’s SO much more!)

Poop in SPAAAAAAAAACE!! How do astronauts poop in zero gravity? And what happens to all the poop?

Pooping underwater! We’ll meet pooping sharks, octopuses, sea cucumbers, whales, and the jellyfish that does have a butt … but only sometimes!

And …

Ancient poop! Dinosaur poop and other fossilized poops.

At The Poop Museum, children learn many fantastic, fabulous and fun facts about human, animal, and insect poop, many of which truly amaze and surprise.

Children learn A LOT, but they also laugh a lot … because … well … our subject is poop and Susie has found a wonderful way to blend solid science, with the silliness that kids love.

Ages 4-10

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