FY23 Long Range Plan: SOAR Exercise

A strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results (SOAR) analysis is a strategic planning tool that focuses an organization on its current strengths and vision of the future for developing its strategic goals.


The basic questions to be answered in a SOAR analysis are:
1. What are our greatest strengths?
2. What are our best opportunities?
3. What is our preferred future?
4. What are the measurable results that will tell us we’ve achieved our vision of the future?


SOAR is about…
 Action
 Strength based
 Be the best (good to great)
 Innovation
 Engagement
 Planning-implementation
 Results
 Plants seeds vs. pulling weeds
 Achieving the good vs. avoiding error

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What makes us proud? What makes us unique? What is our greatest achievement? How do we use our strengths to get results?
How do we make sense of the opportunities in our environment? What is our community asking for? What are the top 3 opportunities to focus on? Who are our new customers? How do we differentiate ourselves? Reframe challenges into opportunities. Are new skills needed?
What do we care deeply about? Who are we/ who should we become/ where should we go? Most compelling aspiration? What strategic initiative would support our aspirations?
· Meaningful measures · 3-5 Indicators for a score card · Resources needed to implement
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