The Newbury Town Library welcomes Newbury residents, consortium borrowers, visitors and guests and does not prohibit access by any person.  While offering opportunities for reading, information access and quiet study, the Library attempts to maintain a secure and welcoming environment.  The Board of Trustees of the Newbury Town Library has established this policy and the rules of behavior below to promote fair access, respect and consideration for others and to ensure the orderly operation of the Library.  The Library Director and his/her assigns are authorized by the Board to implement this policy.

User Responsibilities

  • Library users are responsible for respecting
    • The rights of others to use the Library
    • The Library’s collections, building, property and grounds
    • The privacy of other Library users
    • The property of others
  • Library users are responsible for their personal property and are encouraged not to leave items unattended.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children.

The Library Prohibits the Following Serious Offenses

  1. Violent behavior – Directed at companions, other patrons or staff
  2. Threatening behavior – Directed at companions, other patrons or staff; stalking
  3. Fighting, hitting others, pushing and shoving
  4. Abusive language and swearing
  5. Weapons – No weapons of any kind are permitted in the building except when carried by authorized agents, e.g., police officers
  6. Defacing, damaging, or stealing library property
  7. Illegal drug activity – use, sale, possession
  8. Alcoholic beverages
  9. Sexual misconduct, harassment, lewd and lascivious behavior
  10. All illegal activity
  11. Adults not related to or in direct supervision of children are not permitted to loiter in the Children’s Room
  12. Internet use violations


  • The Library will deal impartially and decisively with individuals who violate these rules.
  • The individual who commits any of these offenses will be asked to leave the building and will be banned from the Library and grounds.  The Library is not required to issue a warning before taking this action.
    • First violation – one week
    • Second violation – one month
    • Third violation — one year
  • The Library reserves the right to impose the maximum suspension immediately for violent or illegal behavior
  • At no time shall a staff member use physical force to remove a customer from the Library.  The Library will notify the police if the offending individual refuses to leave.  Attempts to return before the suspension has expired will result in an extension of the suspension to the next level.
  • The Library will immediately call the police and inform the Library Trustee Chairperson, if it is determined that the behavior poses a threat to the safety of the public, the staff, the offender him/herself, the building, the building’s contents, the grounds, staff and patron vehicles and other possessions or if the behavior is illegal according to federal or state law and/or town ordinances.
  • The Library will hold offenders, or their parents/guardians if they are minors, financially responsible for damage to Library property

The Library also Prohibits the Following More Minor Offenses

  1. Any and all behavior that interferes with others’ use of the Library
  2. Engaging in any behavior that deters others from approaching the facility
  3. Running, roughhousing or rowdy behavior
  4. Excessive noise, yelling
  5. The throwing of any object
  6. Riding bicycles, roller blades, skateboard or scooters in the parking lot.  Library visitors shall leave bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters outside, in or near the bike rack and shall not block the entrance or any emergency exit.
  7. Blocking doorways or aisles
  8. All sports activity or use of any athletic equipment in the building
  9. Interfering with the staff in the performance of their duties
  10. Removing materials from the Library without checking them out on a valid library card or through other standard library procedures.
  11. Animals in the building – Except professionally trained and licensed guide dogs accompanying disabled persons
  12. Cell phones – Turn off ringers while in the library.  Make outgoing calls from the lobby only
  13. Food & drink are allowed in designated areas.
  14. Inappropriate attire (shoes and shirts must be worn)
  15. More than one person per chair
  16. Littering – All waste must be placed in appropriate receptacles or removed from the premises
  17. Unattended children under the age of eight
  18. Soliciting (of the public or the staff) for any purpose
  19. Smoking, chewing and other tobacco use


  • The individual who commits any of these offenses will be asked to leave the building and will be banned from the Library and grounds.  The Library is not required to issue a warning before taking this action.
    • First violation — the remainder of the day
    • Second violation – one week
    • Third violation — one month


The staff member(-s) involved shall prepare a written report of all incidents covered by this policy.  For all suspensions of one month or more, the Library will send a formal notice of suspension by certified mail-return receipt requested to the last known address of the offender, if known.  Copies will be kept at the Library and will also be sent to the Newbury Police Department and presented to the Board of Trustees.  In the case of a minor child, his or her parents will be notified, if known.  Should the Library be unable to determine the identity of the suspended individual, no notice will be sent but a record of the event will be kept at the Library.  Lack of written notification shall not affect the suspension.

Approved by the
Library Board of Trustees