What Is an Interactive Movie Kit?

An interactive movie experience happens when you watch a movie together with a group and you do certain actions at certain times during the movie. From your home, read the script and you’ll be encouraged to sing when you see people swimming, make chomping sounds when someone says shark and eat a pretzel when Brody does (and more!). Costumes are encouraged!

What comes in a kit?

Each kit contains a script for each person with instructions explaining which actions to do during which parts of the movie. Your kit will also contain props and treats to add to your interactive experience.

What movies can I choose from?

Currently you can choose from Jaws or Harry Potter. We plan on adding additional kits in the future.

*Please note a copy of the movie doesn’t come with the kit, but you can borrow one from the library.

How do you get one?

Register below to receive your kit. You can pick it up anytime during our open library hours throughout 2023. Just give us a few days to put your kit together – typically we need 2-3 business days.

We will email you at the address you provide to determine the best pickup time for your kit. We can create kits for up to 6 people, and will also ask you at that point how many people you would like included in your kit. Hope you enjoy the movie!

Interactive Movie Kits

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