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Explore the history of Newbury, Massachusetts through historic photos, newspapers, yearbooks, artifacts, and more from the following organizations:

The photo above is of the original Newbury Public Library on Main Street, which opened in 1926 over the general store. It was relocated to Lunt Street and was the first public building in Massachusetts to be built by vocational high school students. The current building was completed in 2000 and is located on the Lunt Street site.

Here are some interesting stories from our ongoing Library program, Old Town/Byfield/Plum Island – Newbury, The Town I Remember. The program helps Newbury residents share their recollections of growing up the town’s neighborhoods. The program captures a a variety of life experience and local history. The information discussed at these programs is on video archived as part of our local history collection. These events are part of the library’s efforts to preserve the history of the town.

Adventure Land
A popular amusement park once sat where the State Police Barracks is on Scotland Road in Newbury. Rex Trailer, “Big Brother” Bob Emery, and The Kingston Trio were among the entertainers who performed at Adventure Land. Families from all over enjoyed its Western Town and Storybook Village.

Beggars’ Night
The children of Newbury used to go out on Beggar’s Night instead of Halloween. It was held the night before Thanksgiving, when families were home baking desserts for the holiday. The children dressed up in old clothes and went door to door begging for treats. The custom was so local, it lasted in Newbury long after Newburyport switched to Halloween.