Newbury Town Library Child Safety Policy/Unattended Children     

The Newbury Town Library welcomes children to use its facilities and services. The Library
recognizes its obligation to consider the safety and welfare of children while they are in the
library. Many children are capable of using the library on their own and should not be
discouraged from doing so. However, parents should remember that the library is a public
building available for anyone to use. Public libraries, by their nature, are subject to “stranger
danger” and are not necessarily safe for unattended children.

Parents must be aware of the following:
Children under the age of eight must be accompanied and directly supervised at all
times by a parent/guardian/caregiver. Accompanied is defined as “within sight”.  

The Newbury Town Library provides programs which are designed and suitable for attendance by children without parental supervision.  This will be indicated in the information provided by the Youth Services Librarian at the outset of the program.

A responsible caregiver is defined as an individual over the age of twelve who is
entrusted with the care of the minor child.

The Newbury Town Library assumes no responsibility for children of any age left
unattended at the library. The responsibility for the care, safety, and behavior of children
using the Library rests with the parent/guardian/caregiver and not with library staff

Parents/guardians/caregivers should familiarize themselves with the library hours, and
should not leave children at the Library before opening or after closing.

The Library assumes no responsibility for children outside the building at any time.
Parents/guardians/caregivers assume all liability for damage done by their children to the
library facility, equipment, and materials. Parents/guardians/caregivers should also
realize that even in their absence they are legally responsible for their children’s behavior. 

Vulnerable Child 

If a child is alone within the library building at closing, library staff will attempt to call a
parent/guardian/caregiver. If staff cannot reach a parent/guardian/caregiver, and a period of thirty minutes after the closing of the children’s floor has elapsed, the person in charge will call the police to assume responsibility for the child. Two (salaried) staff members will remain with the child inside the library until a parent/guardian/caregiver or police arrive. Library policy will be explained and a copy of the written policy will be given to the parent/guardian/caregiver. Under no circumstances will library staff transport or take a child away from the library building.
Approved, Newbury Town Library Board of Trustees, January, 2018